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 ope体育官方网站是以电器产业为主导,集制造、研发、销售、服务等功能于 一体的多元化企业.是国家电力公司定点生产欧式、美式电缆分接箱、故障指示器、真空断路器、负荷开关、隔离开关、避雷器、熔断器、绝缘子、互感器、输配电设备等系列产品。

公司技术力量雄厚,引进国际先进的德国数控冲、剪、弯、设备先进加工检测设备,磷化、喷表面处理设备,可为用户提供特殊产品来料、来图加工一条龙服务。公司始终坚持“质量第一”,积极贯彻 ISO9001质量管理体系标准,连续三年行业销量名列行业前茅。



ShanghaiWanshang Mechanical and electrical technology Co., LTD is a electronics industry as the leading factor, manufacturing, research and development, sales, service, and othe functions in one body The diversifition of enterprises. Is the national electric powe company fixed-point production of European and American cable connection box, fault indicator, vacuum circuit breaker, negative Load switch,isolatingsswitch,lightningarrestor,fuse,insulator,transformer, transmission and distribution equipment and other products.

Company technical force is abundant, the introduction of international advanced Germany ncchong, shear, bending, equipment, advanced processing and testing equipments, phosphorus Surface treatment, spray equipment, can provide users with special product incoming, to map processing one-stop service. The company always adhere to the "quality

First ”, and actively implement the ISO9001 quality management  system standards,industry sales for three consecutive years ranked the industry forefront.

Shanghai Wanshang Mechanical and electrical technology to leading technology strength, reliable product quality, perfect after-sales service,with fastilformation channel,in the service of our country's electric power,petrochemical, building, textile, metallurgical and other industries and urban and ruralconstruction, the macro planning for the future together with Grand blueprint!